Monday, Jaunary 24, 2022

This website is moving!

I am moving this website to Cathenaeum is a portmanteau of Catholic and athenaeum. Wanting to avoid confusion, I decided to change domains because Church Militant is also the name of a Catholic newspaper. I am not sure what I will do with Church Militant is the parent account of the other websites I edit. Perhaps I will use it as a homepage for my account, Church Militant.

In Maria,

The Webmaster

Saturday, January 22, 2022

I have begun writing two articles concerning men's fashion and the fascism question, respectively. (I am not a fascist.) I can offer no estimation of how long these articles will take to write, but it should not take terribly long to do so. I cannot write much for the next few days, however, as my college's spring semester began on Tuesday and I have to catch up on my work.

As you might have inferred, everything else has been put on the backburner. There will not be copies of the Baltimore Catechisms available on this website for a while, but these you may easily find by way of searching on Google: "Baltimore Catechisms pdf".

I laud my readers for their patience. Salve Maria!


I just upgraded to a supporter account. I look forward to disseminating more traditional Catholic content.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Last night, I began work on this website, Church Militant. I originally had been working on another Neocities website, The Great Chastisement, but I wanted to expand the scope of my work, feeling that the Great Chastisement wasn't enough to write about. I hope for this website to be a repository for information useful for tradtional Catholics.

To anybody with a smidgen of expertise in using HTML, it is obvious that I am quite lacking in "webdev" experience--this website shows evidence of that. However, making the website look pretty is not my foremost goal in creating it. As forementioned, I seek mostly to provide information crucial to the education of fellow traditional Catholics. As the years wear on, I might update the interface of the website, but I make no promises.

In the coming days, I will try to transfer to text the contents of the Baltimore Catechisms--numbers One through Four. Afterwards, I want to review Catholic Prophecy by Yves Dupont, which details many prohpecies concerning the Great Chastisement, which I both hope and fear is on the horizon.